Seeing Matt Nathanson last night at the Sweetwater was the best concert I have ever been to. Bar NONE! And I have been going to concerts since I was 11, when Dad took me to see Steppenwolf (sp?) and The Guess Who? That is 18 years of concert-going experience, motherfucker! 🙂 (To use a little Matt phrasing, there LOL)

So, lemme try to gather my excited thoughts and tell the story somewhat cohesively.

First of all, I went to the concert by myself. Mill Valley is a hell of a long way away (three hours to get there), and on a Monday night, and I just couldn’t interest any of my friends in tagging along. But I figured…what the hell? Am I going to wait to live my life until I convince someone to do it with me? NO! If I wanna go, I’m just gonna go. And it totally wasn’t bad at all. Of course, I did feel a bit like a dork when there were all these groups of people sitting around talking with their friends and I was sitting by myself reading a book LOL. But then I reminded myself that I’m not in high school anymore and I got over it. 🙂

Since the restaurant is open all day and there was no “door time”, we got to sit through the soundcheck. Which was cool. It was like a mini-show with only 25 or 30 people there. 🙂 And apparently the sound guy was being an ass, because at one point Matt said, “Why does it have to be all combatative, dude? If you could just treat me like a human being…that would rock.” And then the guy said something back, and Matt was like, “That’s awesome. I’ll fuck you hard later. Promise.” Which was…I don’t know…possibly the coolest exchange ever. Haha.

The opening act was Noe Venable. She was a cute little hippie chick. It wasn’t exactly my style of music, but I thought she was sweet. One of her between-songs things she said was that her first crush was Aslan from the Narnia Chronicles. So I was definitely feeling her on the “literature seems more real than real life” childhood thing. 🙂 People were being rude asses and talking really loud, though! I felt bad for her. It brought out my teacher instinct. I wanted to jump up there and say, “Excuse me! Ladies and gentlemen, you need to show our guest some respect. If her mouth is moving, YOURS ISN’T!” Haha! I could probably think of two or more teacher-phrases to throw in there.

Then Matt came out. Oh, SHIT, son! It rocked. Like I said in my last post, a setlist would be beyond me. I was so caught up in the moment. The thing that surprised me most was that when he thanked people for coming out, he seemed GENUINELY grateful for it…not like he was just going through the motions of saying it because that’s what you say. I mean, IMO, the crowd should be (and, in fact, WAS) grateful to HIM for coming out and doing a small show.

It was the coolest venue to see him in because of its small size. Although, I personally would LOVE to see him at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica. That would rock. But, this was so small, that he definitely made eye contact…not just with me, either, or the other people close to the front. It was that kind of show. It was an everybody-eye-contact show. 🙂

For an encore, he played Wide Eyed and Full. Oh damn. It was HOTT. How can he make an acoustic guitar sound like a whole fucking band?

So, now for the coolest part…AFTER the show. I hung out. Again, sitting alone…which seemed very obvious, I was SO uncomfortable. But, that’s good, you know? I need to get over my high school insecurities. I mean, damn…I’m gonna be thirty in a couple months! It’s time to get over them. And I was actually really nervous to meet Matt. I strongly considered bouncing a couple of times. But then I thought I wouldn’t forgive myself if I just drove away and didn’t even get a picture because I was afraid. Fear sucks! Push through! 🙂

Well, there was no formal meeting-type situation set up. He just came out and was packing up his shit and a few people went up and were talking to him. I went up. I met Noreen and Caligirly from PWT. That was the shit. NICE GIRLS!

So, then when I met Matt, I said, “Dude I drove three hours to get here and I have to be at work at seven and I don’t even care….IT WAS SO AWESOME!” He looked like he actually felt bad about that, which wasn’t my intention at all…I just wanted him to know how much people thought it was worth to go through to see him play. Because he is the shit. 🙂 And he was all concerned, like, “Well…did you enjoy the show? Was it cool?” It was sweet! At which point I don’t even remember what I said, but I do remember it was in the arena of inane gushing. 🙂 I told him my second graders wrote him fan letters and they were in the mail, and he seemed like he really got excited. He said, “Dude! I am SO down with that! That is awesome!” I said, “Cool! Well, they’re on their way…they’re in the mail right now.” He was like, “That’s awesome, I can’t wait to get those.”

Goddamn, what a genuinely nice guy. He totally seems like someone that you would hang out with if you knew them in college, you know? I was so high driving home…I was just singing at the top of my lungs, and laughing for no reason, and then every once in a while I’d stop and just do that little screaming-slapping-the-steering-wheel thing you do when you’re excited. It rocked. I actually think it was partly because of the fact that I made myself do it, in addition to the coolness of meeting him.

Lastly…the picture. All the way over there…three hours in the car…I was practicing my “good smile.” This is the sort of half smile (not too teethy) that trial and error has proven is the only way that my face turns out good in pictures. Because I thought…this is going to be an important picture! I’m gonna put it on my website, post it on message boards, show it to my friends…I don’t want to look like shit in it!

Well, when the time came to take the picture, the practice smile went out the window. I was just so excited, I couldn’t even think! So if I look a little manic in the pic, that’s why. LOL