I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet. 😀

If you’re wondering about the title of the post, it’s lyrics from my friend Jd’s new Christmas single “I Got Everything I Need This Christmas” (or…the title might be shorter than that, I’m not sure, LOL). Watch for it on radio after Thanksgiving, it’s gonna be heavily placed.

So, anyway, at the photo shoot for the cover of the single, Jd had a bunch of his friends come and dress as Santa. Then we all crowded around him. Inside a school bus. I know. But it was a concept. He’s artsy. 🙂

Anyway, because Jd has the most randomly interesting and varied group of friends on the planet :D, the people there that day (and dressed as Santa!) included:

Me – uber famous blogger (just kidding :P)
Ah Young Kim – hot LA children’s clothing designer
Matt Locke – of HGTV’s DesignStar
Maiya Sykes – of VH1’s Bands on the Run
Charles Jones – played Carl in Dreamgirls, as well as toured with Jonny Lang, Joss Stone, Jennifer Hudson…everybody

It was a surreal experience, but really fun. The make-up girl ended up getting dressed up as Santa and being in the photo, as well as two of the ladies that worked at the bus company. It was hilariously fun! 😀

Here’s a picture of me and Charles, with Jd peeking in from behind –