And I’m even including myself in that estimation. Haha.

Anyway, I’m moving one of my ‘series-style’ posts over here from Internet Marketing Chick, because I think the series is more fitting with the spirit of this blog. The series is Internet Crushes. Because I’m a nerd, so I love nerds. Makes sense, right? 😀

Basically, I’m re-blogging myself. Haha. Need any more proof I’m a nerd? 😀

Here’s the original post:

So the new series I’m starting is about my Cyber-Crushes, guys that are…well…WAY too hott to be on the internet, basically. Haha.

It will be updated semi-bi-annually, or whenever I feel like it.

Number one in said series, and number one in my cyber-crush heart, is the delectable Pete Cashmore.

Reasons why he is hott –

1) He created, in Mashable!, basically my favorite blog, and the only one that gets it’s own spot on my google reader instead of being part of a feed widget.

Mashable in Google Reader

Like how I Perez Hilton’ed that for ya? 😀

2) The accent. Oh, dear GOD, the accent!

3) The dry, sarcastic wit.

4) Let’s be real. The boy is good-looking. 😀

Here’s some videos that prove my point. Watch how the wine chick is so flustered she can barely string a sentence together. HILARIOUS! 😀