OK, first starting out with the obligitory, “Haven’t written for a long time, will do better in the future, blah, blah, BLAH”

OK, with that out of the way, on to the real journal entry.

WHAT I’M READING: The Informant by James Grippando.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Lot of Gavin deGraw lately.

WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON: Last night, I went with Shawna to Slim’s in San Francisco and saw Matt Nathanson. Oh my God, it was amazing…I am still high! Matt was incredible. Shawna was such a trooper, too. She didn’t feel well, she doesn’t like crowds, she’s not into that type of music (although she does think Matt has a beautiful singing voice…it’s not like she knows any of his songs or anything). Still she did it all for me. Because she loves me. 🙂 I have the best sister ever!

She took a picture of me when we were waiting in line in front of Slim’s.


Keep in mind…I hadn’t had the opportunity to do my hair and makeup in a while, so that’s not how I would normally choose to look in a picture, but WHAT THE HELL! 🙂

We got inside, we waited for the show to start. We were pretty excited when the opening act started. That was short lived. HE SUCKED!!!! Oh my sweet lord, he sucked. His name was David Hopkins. This is his website: http://www.davidhopkinsmusic.com/ I only give you this information so that if you ever almost accidentally buy his stuff or go see him, you avoid that catastrophe because I helped you out.

Dude comes out in a captain’s hat, first of all. And by the end of his set, I was ready to snatch that motherfucker right off his head and beat him bloody with it. I don’t know what was worst about him…but I think that, forced to choose, I’d have to go with his lyrics. He would just choose some inane phrase and then repeat it ad nauseum. Let me see if I can pull some examples off his website. BRB.

OK, witness the following:

“twirl for me baby
twirl for me baby
turn around, turn around, turn around and

look up at me baby
look up at me baby
look at me, turn to me, come to me and
sing for me baby, sing for me baby, sing for me baby these words

I love I love I love ya

stop all your crying
stop all your crying
over me, over me, over me ’cause
the day is coming
the day is coming
that i’m done, that I’m done, that I’m done and
send for me baby, send for me baby, send for me baby these words

I love I love I love ya

And I didn’t even search for a particularly bad song, that’s just the first fucking one on his website!

Anyway….past the bad crap, on to the AWESOME SHIT!!!!!!!

Matt comes out. There was cheering. There was yelling. Mostly by me, although the rest of the crowd was pretty excited as well. 🙂

I was so excited and just absorbing the experience that I can’t begin to even think about posting something as mundane and detail-oriented as a setlist or what he talked about between songs. So, here are some randoms thoughts instead:

* The armband story was funny.
* The drummer added a lot of energy…he was great!
* Matt sang every single song I had hoped to hear except Bare! And considering the mental list I had, that’s pretty amazing. And, of course, Amazing Again…but apparently he won’t do that live anymore, so it doesn’t count.
* At one point when people were yelling out requests, I yelled Church Clothes. He played Church Clothes. Although it was probably coincidence, I will continue to tell myself that he heard me…and I will continue to believe myself, too. 🙂
* I met a cool guy who was standing next to us and I conversed with him for a while. He was nice. I need more gay friends.
* There were hilarious sing alongs. One of them was More Than Words, which was prefaced by a really funny story about the Extreme episode of Bands Reunited. I couldn’t believe I still remembered all the words to that song.

There are more things I can’t think of now. I’ll be updating again after I see Matt again tomorrow night. WooHoo!