I know that sounds deep and oh-so-very poignant, but what I’m actually referring to is when you’re sick, you forget how good it feels just to feel NORMAL!

I just got over a HORRIBLE week and a half of being stupid-sick…first a massive headache that lasted for three days and then a nasty cold for the rest of it.

On Saturday, I woke up and LO AND BEHOLD! I felt better. I felt about 98%, anyway. But much closer to completely better than I had felt since New Year’s Eve.

I was gripped with this whole sudden “New Lease on Life” thing that sometimes happens to me in the first couple of days of feeling well after having felt really ill. I took Hercules out to Zuma Beach and walked him up and down the parking lot (very popular Malibu thing to do, and something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I came into possession of The Very Best Dog in the Entire World), and then I went and saw Youth in Revolt.

Both were experiences that I would highly recommend, even under normal circumstances, but they took on an almost celebratory quality for me because of my newly acquired health.

I’ve decided to make it one of my new goals to tap into that place within me all the time. Not just when I’m coming back from a killer attack of the sniffles. 🙂