If you are on a gluten free diet, there are times you just need some gluten free cake.  Maybe it’s a special occasion like a birthday or a wedding, or maybe you are just having a gluten free cake craving!  Unfortunately, getting a hold of gluten free cake is not as simple as merely running down to the corner store and picking up a sheet cake.  If only it were!

No, to get a hold of gluten free cake, it is going to involve either baking it yourself, or getting it from a specialized gluten free bakery or store.  That’s fine, though!  With new products on the market, it’s easier than ever to bake gluten free cakes and desserts any time you want!

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german chocolate cake with coconut pecan filling and chocolate frosting

purple velvet torte (beet cake) slicespurple velvet torte (beet cake)

german chocolate cakeorange cake