Welcome to my new resolution of updating my web journal every week!

Yah…we’ll see how the hell that goes. 🙂

WHAT I’M READING: I’m re-reading “Good in Bed” by Jennifer Weiner…it’s such a fabulous book! I feel like it explains what it’s like to be me…not an easy task LOL.

Just discovered Lucy Kaplansky…God, this lady is amazing! She has a PhD in psych and left her practice and professorship to tour with her guitar. Neato! Her music is bomb, too. So far, I particularly love “Guinevere” and “Broken Things”…but I’m just getting started. She’s playing at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz this September, so I need to order all her CD’s immediately so I can be fully prepared come Sept. Also, I’ve never been to the KJC, but one of my friends said that it is a REALLY cool venue, so I’m pretty psyched about that, as well.

I think the coolest venue I’ve ever been to was McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, CA. (Shout out to SoCal!) They have this cool room in the back that seats about 40 or 50, and it’s painted all black…guitars are hanging by their necks from the walls…great venue. Saw the Bobs there, and DaVinci’s Notebook made a surprise appearance. Great night, eh Evie!

I’ve also been listening to a lot of Carole King lately, by virtue of the fact that I am teaching my Second Grade class “Alligators All Around”, “Chicken Soup with Rice” and “Beautiful” right now. So those songs are terminally running through my head!

(MELANIE’S CREATIVE TEACHING IDEA NUMBER 67: Singing is an excellent choral reading activity! Repitition of text is what moves words from decodable text to sight words, and singing makes the repitition fun! You can also expose kids to cool music they might not otherwise hear…blues, jazz, etc. I have a cool lesson I like to do where I read them the story “Lookin’ for Bird in the Big City” and then we learn about and listen to Miles Davis and Charlie Parker music…screw Barney and crap! Kids are never too young for quality tunes! 🙂

WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON: So, today Cat and I went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival. IT WAS SO FREAKING HOT!!!!! And I don’t mean in the sense that it was a hip and happenin’ place…it was HOT…as in, heatstroke hot.

We are Food Network freaks, and Cat said that the Garlic Festival is a big deal on the Food Network. Last year, hottie Tyler Florence was there. He’s so cute! Evie has a jones for him, too. I have this fantasy where I pretend I have a Food 911 emergency and once I have hottie Tyler Florence in my kitchen….well, that’s a story for another time. 🙂

At any rate, the big culinary deal at the Garlic Festival is Garlic Ice Cream. Sounds disgusting, right? Well…it’s interesting. For some reason which made sense to me at the time, I ordered Garlic-Chocolate ice cream served in a half-cantaloupe. I believe it had something to do with the cantaloupe only costing 50 cents more. And for some other reason which has at this point escaped me, I continued to eat it even after I started feeling nauseous. I think that reason had to do with a “I paid for it, damn it, I’m eating it!” philosophy which has been proved unwise.

So, all in all, we spent about 35 minutes inside the gates of the Garlic Festival (there was 10 bucks well spent!), but the good thing is that now we can say that we have been to the thing…and that we consumed the famous (should be infamous!) Garlic Ice Cream.

STORY FROM THE JOHN MAYER CONCERT I FORGOT TO TELL: So, okay, the one bummer about the John Mayer concert was that I was sitting in the designated fuddie duddie section, apparently. All the people were sitting down, quietly listening…no one was singing along…damn it, I can do that at home! I wanna dance! But I was too self-conscious to stand up (I was in the front row of my section).

So, then, the three girls next to me stand up and start dancing…YIPPEE! Just as I am about to join them, this old guy from about six rows back yells, “Hey, sweetheart, I didn’t pay a hundred and sixty bucks for these seats to look at your ass!” and she turns around and yells at him, “You paid a hundred and sixty? I usually charge twice that to look at my ass, you got off cheap,” and continues to dance her heart out.

In the spirit of sisterhood (and because I had already wanted to anyway :-), I had to join them. Now there were four of us dancing in the front row of the fuddie duddie section!

Well, I would love to say that this began a wave of concert enthusiasm which spread throughout our section and inspired a lot more standing and boogie-ing like would happen in the movies, but actually, it just remained the four of us dancing throughout the concert and getting popcorn and crap thrown in our hair.

BUT…the moral of the story is this: I had a much better time because I did what I wanted to without worrying about what other people thought, AND I met three really cool chicks. So, shout out to the sassy chicks I met last Saturday, should they by some miracle end up reading this! 🙂

Ciao, ragazzi! Ci vediamo.