It’s a sad state of affairs, but the truth is, sometimes you need to know if the person who pledged to be faithful to you is actually keeping that promise. Is your spouse cheating on you?

I have recently had some experience with this myself, which is why it’s been on my mind. Without divulging too many of my friend’s personal details, let me just say that recently I have stood by a friend through an extremely emotional and heartrending rollercoaster ride of figuring out if her significant other was cheating or not. (In case you’re curious, it turns out he wasn’t – but he WAS considering it!)

Anyway, she and I looked at a lot of different factors when we were trying to figure out what was going on, and I thought it might help people to narrow those down to an easy to use list of “Infidelity Signs” to look out for.

1) Has their behavior significantly changed?
Did they start out treating you sweetly and now they are snappy and always on edge?

2) Are they secretive and hiding things?
Do you find them making furtive phone calls or quickly hiding things when you come in the room?

3) Are they defensive when you try to discuss it?
Do they show little regard for your feelings and act like they are being attacked in response to the most innocent questions?

4) Have you found strange numbers in their pockets or on their cell bill?
If so, you can try putting them into this form and seeing if they come up with anything!

5) Have their friends made comments that didn’t fit with stories they have told you?
This is a good indication that what they have told you about where they were and what they were doing is a lie. Think about it – their friends have no reason to lie. But they do.

If this list seems familiar to you from your own relationship, then there is a VERY good chance your spouse is running around on you. You have every right, and in fact it would be a good idea, to confront them with what this behavior might mean.

Remember – most people are very hung up with wanting “proof” that a spouse is cheating. But the best barometer is your own instinct. What does your gut tell you when they respond to your questions? Are they telling the truth?

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