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I’m Pretty Sure This Is More Useful Than the “Elevator vs. Stairs” Thing


In Case of Fire, Exit Building Before Tweeting About It

1981 News Report On the Newfangled “Newspapers on Your Computer” Phenomenon


Enjoy this little blast from the past News Report about people (GASP!) reading newspapers on computers 😀
I originally came across this video on Genuine Juice, and the blogger himself was actually interviewed for this news report as a kid, but ended up on the cutting room floor.

Here are a few notable things about this news report –

  • The report is given by the TV Station’s “Science Editor” because it deals with computers.  And, you know.  They’re Science-y.
  • The subject of the report dials the “local number” to connect his computer on his actual telephone! 😀  Hello, War Games!
  • David Cole of the San Francisco Examiner was half-prescient.  He predicted that newspapers on computers wouldn’t make a lot of money.  Heh. That’s true.  But he also said “We’re probably not going to lose money.”  Wow, David.  Inside 30 years this technology is going to decimate your entire industry.   SOMEONE’S FACE IS RED!
  • Only between 2,000 and 3,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area owned computers!
  • There is actually a title card that designates the subject as “Richard Halloran – Owns Home Computer”
  • The TEXT ONLY edition of the newspaper takes over TWO HOURS to download!!!  And service cost FIVE BUCKS AN HOUR!

Meredith, Megan, and Charles Dickens


Meredith, meet Megan.  And vice versa. You guys have several things in common.

  • You’re both on my Facebook friends list
  • Both of your names start with “Me” – weird
  • Both of you had Dickensian new years proclamations that ended up right next to each other in my feed.

I think this is fate, you guys should be friends! 😀

Happy New Year 2010 from the Good Folks at Google! :)


Saw this pointed at Mashable! (thanks Pete Cashmore, you digitial hottie you 😛) and had to try it for myself.

It’s cute!

Soldier Reunited With Dog – The Clip that Was Shown on the Today Show


OK, so I wish I had seen this by veteran’s day, it would have been such a sweet post.

Take a look at this clip of Capt. Andrew Schmidt (AKA – Andy) being welcomed home from Kandahar in September of 2005 by his Golden Retriever dog Gracie. It will probably make you cry. I mean, not like, SOB – but tear up, you know?

It’s also an interesting commentary on how a video can sometimes go viral in a way that’s not totally organic, but rather involves the mainstream media.

I’m posting Capt. Schmidt’s commentary about the rising popularity of the video right below the actual video, because he didn’t feel like he got to say all that he wanted to on TV – so I want to make sure people that see the video here have the opportunity to know what he thinks!

I’m uploading this for family. This was the day I came back from Kandahar in Sept. 2005. Life has changed since then. But Gracie is still a good dog.

UPDATE: (11-13-2009) – This is crazy. I posted this years ago along with three other clips of wife in Haiti for my parents to see. They still have like 400 hits a piece.
This clip had like 30,000 hits two days ago. I’m not quite sure where this attention is all coming from.
Oh, and it was filmed by my wife Jen in our front yard in Springfield, VA.. Gracie is six now. She’s asleep at my feet as I’m typing this.
Take care, all – A.S.

UPDATE (11-14-2009). O-kaaaaay. This is getting crazy. They ran this on the Today Show today. I’m not a public person … this is getting a little intimidating.
I’m glad that this clip of Gracie has made so many people happy. If it makes you smile, it’s a good thing. But please remember the men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. My buddy Steve Taylor who is in Iraq wrote me to say that it bummed him out, because it reminded him of how much he missed his dog …

FINAL UPDATE (11-15-2009) Again, thanks for everyone’s kind words. Yes, we did a short (2-min) spot in the Today Show this morning. They were nice, but I didn’t get to say what I wanted to say about my friends deployed or the many Guardsmen overseas right now. But it went well (do a Google for Capt. Andrew Schmidt to see it).
We were contacted by another news outlet, but we declined. We’re 17 minutes into our 15 minutes of fame. We’re private people, and these things can get out of hand. For one, I am a staff officer in the Air Guard (even though I am past enlisted) … there are tens of thousands of combat arms soldiers and Marines on their third+ 12 month deployment down range; I’m only gearing up for my second. I don’t want to be made a symbol for something that I don’t deserve to be. You have to be careful, because you have no control when you go on TV unless you are very, very savvy (I am not). Or you get crazy and end up building a UFO weather balloon in your back yard.

Take care. This was a fun week, but it’s over now. I have to go change a diaper, then walk Gracie.

Andy and family.

Matt Nathanson Joined Twitter!


Now we can enjoy the wit, 140 characters at a time. 😀

Follow him at

And, most importantly, enjoy! 😀

Zach Braff is Not Dead – But He Is Still Funny!


Check out the below video, also featuring Donald Faison, where Zach Braff combats the rumor that he has died.

It’s frickin’ hilarious! 😀 I know people say that he has a bad temper, but cracks me up. 😛

Here’s the vid – transcription is below:

Zach: Hi! It’s Zach Braff here. I’m alive. There was a big internet rumor today that I was dead, that I ODed on some pills. It’s not the case. I’m alive, I’m here at Scrubs shooting the new Scrubs Title Sequence. Which is a little bit like dying, so I guess that was semi-accurate. Also, I would never off myself with pills. If I had to do it, I would do it the way that everyone else would do it, by hitting myself with pots and pans.

A couple innaccuracies you should have noticed when you saw the thing, if you believed it.

One. The dude said that, let me just pull it up here, he said that I was found in my 32,000 square foot estate in Beverly Hills. Look, I’m not Oprah, all right? That’s a big ass house. And, you know, I’ve got a nice house, but 32,000 square feet – that’s like some Oprah shit right there.

Oh, and also, I think it’s funny that when I posted earlier that I was alive I didn’t really get that many “likes.” And I think there should have been way more likes out there for those of you who like me, when I said that I was alive.

On a positive note, I was able, when my friend Donald Faison called me frantically, I was able to work out with him that if I do ever die, I would like him to sing an R&B version of Wind Beneath my Wings at my funeral.

So I just want to say to Chris Laga-laga-nella, who apparently is the douchebag that started this, you win my first ever “Douche of the Day” award for making my Mom upset.

And now, to play us out, Donald Faison with an R&B rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings”

Donald (singing): Did you ever know that you’re my hero? You’re everything I would like to could be? OOOO I could..

Zach (interruping): I’m sorry to interrupt, but would you mind just urbaning it up a little bit? R&B it up.

Donald (singing): Did you ever know that you’re my hero…

Zach: Thank you everybody.



WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Matt Nathanson. Totally talented singer/songwriter guy…not to mention a complete cutie. He’s based out of San Francisco. He’s playing at Slim’s in the city next week. Damn. I’m broke. Sucks! (Every time I say the name “Slim’s”, I think of that line from Love Jones… “Come on, slim…f*ck your man, I ain’t worried about him.” Aaaahhh….Love Jones. Hey…If Jennifer Love Hewitt married somebody named Jones, her name would be Love Jones. Heh)

WHAT I’M READING: Lake House by James Patterson

COOL WEBSITE I’VE RECENTLY DISCOVERED: It is freakin’ hilarious!!!! The concept of the site is that people who think they can sing (and a handful who actually can) upload mp3’s of themselves daring to sing (or daring to suck, as the case may be). Other people then download their attempts and are able to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 and provide comments.

Oh….my…God. That’s comedy, people. An added bonus is that some of the people on there actually are talented. Jazzybagz is fantastic. Also, that site is how I originally discovered Ernie Halter (, because he posted a Mayer cover which was discussed on But, the main function of the site, for me at least, is comic relief.

WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON: Man, I realize that I had complete PMS the last time I wrote! The tone of almost everything on that post is complete irritation. LOL Well, I’m back to my old cheerful self.

However, before I completely exit the kingdom of bitchiness I do have to lodge a complaint. Remember in my last blog, I told about how I had emailed Five O’Clock Shadow to see if they are really breaking up? I didn’t post the email here, but I will now:

>Subject: BREAKING UP???? NNNNOOOO!!!!!
>Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2003 21:13:36 -0800

>Hi there!

>You don’t know me, but I am a big fan. I heard that you are breaking
>up at the end of the year. Is this true? Is the person that I heard
>it from crazy/on drugs? Joking. I realize those two things don’t
>have to be mutually exclusive 🙂 Anyway, this is so incredibly sad
>if it’s true.

>I have to bribe my inner two-year-old to do unpleasant tasks (such as
>paying bills, doing laundry and working out) and listening to your
>music is one of the major carrots I dangle for her. 🙂 Trust me, if
>y’all stop putting out new tunes, it’s highly possible that I will
>turn into an out-of-shape, dirty-clothes-wearing,
>currently-in-bankruptcy-court former fan. 🙂

>Come now…I don’t think any of us wants that!

>Seriously, though, if you are breaking up, I am sad about that. You
>guys have a truly unique and quality sound that will be missed by
>many people, including myself. I only hope that you are pursuing
>solo projects so that I can still manage to drop some coin on y’all’s
>behalf. Wow…I used two apostrophes in one word. Cool.

>If you have a moment, feel free to write me back and end my misery of
>uncertainty. 🙂 God knows I’d appreciate it! 🙂

>Thanks so much for your time!


I felt that was, if not my finest comedic writing of all time, at least worth a small chuckle.

So, Oren tells Evie… “Yeah, one of your friends emailed me this week, and it was the most hilarious thing I’ve read all week. She said we satiated her inner two-year-old or something.” But the way she related his tone, it was more like he meant hilarious-psycho than hilarious-funny. Not to mention that the way he explained the “inner two-year-old” comment was completely out of the context of the email. I am very irritated by this. Not to mention the fact that he STILL HASN’T WRITTEN ME BACK! Way to keep in touch with the fans, man. Ridicule their emails behind their backs so they know you’ve read them, but don’t bother to respond.

So, listen…if you are reading this, dude, let me tell you something…it was MEANT TO BE FUNNY! It was not meant to be literal! My life is not actually going to fall apart if you guys break up. I was exaggerating for comic effect. But, it doesn’t really matter. I’m pretty much over you guys breaking up at this point. David Ryan Harris can “satiate” my inner two-year-old.

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