Hercules Walking in the Snow in Lake Tahoe


How cute is my boy? 😀 He wasn’t so sure about the snow at first, but then he began to enjoy it! 😀

This Is Where I Am Spending the Afternoon Working Right Now


Being a professional internet nerd rocks! 😀

Hercules Has the Best Face!


I tool this the other day while I was trying to wake that sleepyhead up! 😀  Then, of course, there’s the added cuteness of THE TONGUE:

Say Hello to My New Favorite Snack in the Entire World


It’s pre-sliced red apples with Walden Farms calorie-free caramel dip. MMMMMMM…so good. And let’s just take a moment to absorb that little descriptor there. CALORIE-FRICKIN-FREE!!!!!!! No calories. Zero. None. Zippo. The big zilch.

And, yes. That’s an XS in the background. 😀 I’m in heaven!

Post Office Pooch


Here is the latest in my Dogs in Inappropriate Public Places series.

How is that even a series?  LOL

Here’s What I Love About IHOP…


They just bring you the whole freaking coffeepot. They’re like…”Who are we kidding? Let’s just drop all the pretense. We’ll leave the pot.”

And, hey IHOP. I agree!

IHOP Coffee Pot

Rent From Us or Burn in Hell!


OK, people!  I risked life and limb digging my camera out of my purse while still remaining level with this guy on the freeway!  Not to mention having to continue freeway driving while I held my camera up to the window with a steady enough hand to take a legible picture.

It was worth it, though, to memorialize this truck.  Jesus Party Rentals.

Where the staff of Party Down Catering will be working after they get their lives right, I imagine!  And here they thought they were just gonna go wait tables at the Soup’r Crackers!

Amazing 1950s Computer Harddrive – Weighs Over a Ton!


This is the IBM 305 RAMAC, the very first computer to contain a hard disc drive.  It weighed over a ton and stored….WAIT FOR IT…5 MBs OF DATA!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you kidding me?

I have a flash drive smaller than my thumb that holds 8 GBs.

For those of us doing math, that’s 1,600 times as much data.

I’ll wait now, while you mull that.

Is your mind blown?  If not…it well and truly should be.

Meredith, Megan, and Charles Dickens


Meredith, meet Megan.  And vice versa. You guys have several things in common.

  • You’re both on my Facebook friends list
  • Both of your names start with “Me” – weird
  • Both of you had Dickensian new years proclamations that ended up right next to each other in my feed.

I think this is fate, you guys should be friends! 😀

Herc’s BIG Food Bowl


When I was transferring Hercules’ food into a plastic container, he was like, “FINALLY! She got me an appropriately-sized food bowl!”

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