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Stamie Karakasidis and Tracy Ryerson – They Could NOT Be Nicer and More Awesome If They Tried!


So, this happened today. 🙂 I walked down to Starbuck’s for my iced coffee fix. And one unusual and amazing thing was, they spelled my name right! But that was not all.

Also getting their coffee on were Stamie Karakasidis and Tracy Ryerson from season one of The Real L Word.

Stamie Karakasidis and Tracy Ryerson

Me With Stamie Karakasidis and Tracy Ryerson

Normally, living in LA, I never stop celebs and ask to take pictures or anything. Number one, it’s nerdy and lame. Number two, I’d never make it out of Ralph’s. 😀 But in this instance, I decided to go ahead. Stamie and Tracy were my favorites on TRLW, and I have long been bummed that I didn’t happen to be at the ACE studio on the day that they taped The Parent Experiment.

They were SO, SO nice when I imposed on them for a photo. I got all nervous and fumbly – I do this weird thing where it doesn’t freak me out to see/meet celebrities unless *I* really like them, and then I’m a nervous wreck. I mean, I used to live in Malibu, for God’s sake. I’ve met Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson (before he was crazy), Cindy Crawford, David Duchovny, John Cusack, Cher…I could go on and on. They registered a big NOTHING on the nervousness scale.

However, I meet Paul Giamatti (and this was a 2001 Paul Giamatti, immediately following “Duets” – he was NOT that famous yet!) and I lose my religion. I meet Stamie and Tracy and can’t even manage to operate my camera (and then phone) without fumbling all over the place.

Anyway, like I said, they were absolutely gracious and friendly and completely as nice and fun as they seemed to be on the show.

Check out the pic above, and make sure you check out their website – Our Fifteen Minutes!

Starbucks Spelling


It’s really interesting to me that this genuinely seems to be that way that the majority of Starbucks baristas think you spell the name “Melanie”

Have they never possessed brand new pair of roller skates, nor had a friend that, by virtue of serendipity, just happened to have a brand new key???

Children’s Hospital Television Show Billboard


This photo was originally posted by @StamieLA.

How frickin’ creepy is that? Come September, the new show “Children’s Hospital” will be causing nightmares on Sunday Nights at 10:30 pm.

Until then, it will simply be causing accidents on Sunset.

Billboard for Television Show Children's Hospital

Jeannie Mai and the Great Prayer Box Mystery


OK, here is a bizarre (and also inspiring!) thing that happened to my friend Jeannie and a project of hers, The Prayer Box Project.  Yes All In Caps.  Deal With It. 🙂

She had an idea to put a prayer box at the top of this popular hiking place here in LA, Runyon Canyon.  It’s a place where people tend to do an equal mixture of hiking and contemplating, due to the stunning combination of cardio-inspiring inclines and awe-inspiring views.

In this box, people could jot down their prayers on little pieces of paper and put them into the box, bolstered by the notion that their prayer, as it slipped through the slot, was joining all the prayers – all the love, longings, hopes, dreams, and ambitions – which had been scrawled out on similar bits of paper and entrusted to the box by the hikers who had come before.

It’s poetic and nice, right?

So, of course it got stolen inside a week.  Stinkin’ Angelenos!  Grr…

However, that’s not the end of the story.  On January 1st of this year, the very first day of the brand new decade, it mysteriously showed up again, with some of the prayers inside still intact, no less.  Sure, it was worse for the wear.  But aren’t we all?  The important thing is that it’s back, it’s working, it’s serving its purpose.  Again, what more can we hope for ourselves than that?

I’d like to take a lesson from the prayer box, and I think we all can.  Maybe 2009 tried to hold us back, and beat us up.  Maybe 2009 even snatched us off of the path we were on and held us hostage for awhile.

But, that was then and this is now.  It’s 2010 and WE’RE BACK, BABY!  We may be battle-scarred and a little tattered, but we are BACK ON THE MOUNTAINTOP! 😀

PS – If you think this was a cool idea for a project and want to throw some support Jeannie’s way, due to her being the kind of person that would think of such a cool idea for a project, LOL, then visit her at her blog, http://IHeartJeannieMai.com (so named because she’s adorable and of course everyone does!), or watch her shows, How Do I Look? or Extra.  Although, the latter not being quite as important if you’re not a Nielson family. 😛

UPDATED to include Jeannie’s tweet below.  Thanks for the shout out, babe! 😀

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