Awesome Dog Friendly Restaurant in South Lake Tahoe – The Bear Beach Cafe

I was up at Tahoe this weekend, and – since I always prefer to keep Mr. Hercules with me given the choice, I set about looking for a cool dog friendly restaurant in South Lake Tahoe.  I found a great one!

First of all, if you’re not familiar with Lake Tahoe, permit me to school you. 🙂  It’s the most awesome place in the history of ever.  It’s so gorgeous!

Mark Twain wrote this about it in 1861:

“At last the lake burst upon us–a noble sheet of blue water lifted six thousand three hundred feet above the level of the sea, and walled in by a rim of snow-clad mountain peaks that towered aloft three thousand feet higher still! As it lay there with the shadows of the mountains brilliantly photographed upon its still surface, I thought it must surely be the fairest picture the whole world affords.”

The View from My South Lake Tahoe Motel Window

The View from My Room in South Lake Tahoe

So, as I was driving around, I noticed that the Bear Beach Cafe on Highway 50 sets out tables on the lawn in front of the building, and I saw some people with dogs laying under their tables.  Excellent!  Views of the lake and hang time with my puppy?  No question!  It was time for me and Hercy to give it a try!


The Bear Beach Cafe in South Lake Tahoe

The Bear Beach Cafe in South Lake Tahoe

The first thing that struck me was how easy it was to get seated.  This sounds like a small thing, but you’d be surprised what a pain in the neck the logistics are at some places to get seating outside when you’re alone with a dog.  Well, at The Bear Beach Cafe, I simply walked in and asked the hostess if I could grab a table outside with my dog.  She said that would be no problem, and we settled on which table it would be.  I told her I was heading back to my car to get my dog – and what do you think I found when I arrived at the table just moments later?  A water bowl, all laid out for Hercules! 😀

My Table at the Bear Beach Cafe, With Water Bowl Laid Out for Hercy

My Table at the Bear Beach Cafe, With Water Bowl Laid Out for Hercy

As you can see, the view is awesome, being so close to the Lake!

The View From My Table

The View From My Table

The View From My Table

The Rest of The View From My Table

The food was absolutely delicious.  I ordered the Lakeview Omlette, which was delicious! 😀

Lakeview Omelette

Lakeview Omelette


Herc obviously liked it – he enjoyed looking out at the view, as well as chillin’ on the grass!

Hercy's Water Bowl

Hercules by His Water Bowl


Herc's Water Bowl

Happy Hercy! 😀


Herc Chillin' on the Grass



Next time we are back in Tahoe, we will definitely be hitting up the Bear Beach Cafe! 😀

Cool Dog Tricks


I won’t even lie, Hercules can’t do anything even close to approaching the cool dog tricks that this little guy, Jesse, is rocking so hard in this video. 😀

Hercules Walking in the Snow in Lake Tahoe


How cute is my boy? 😀 He wasn’t so sure about the snow at first, but then he began to enjoy it! 😀

Hercules Has the Best Face!


I tool this the other day while I was trying to wake that sleepyhead up! 😀  Then, of course, there’s the added cuteness of THE TONGUE:

I Forget How Good Normal Feels


I know that sounds deep and oh-so-very poignant, but what I’m actually referring to is when you’re sick, you forget how good it feels just to feel NORMAL!

I just got over a HORRIBLE week and a half of being stupid-sick…first a massive headache that lasted for three days and then a nasty cold for the rest of it.

On Saturday, I woke up and LO AND BEHOLD! I felt better. I felt about 98%, anyway. But much closer to completely better than I had felt since New Year’s Eve.

I was gripped with this whole sudden “New Lease on Life” thing that sometimes happens to me in the first couple of days of feeling well after having felt really ill. I took Hercules out to Zuma Beach and walked him up and down the parking lot (very popular Malibu thing to do, and something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I came into possession of The Very Best Dog in the Entire World), and then I went and saw Youth in Revolt.

Both were experiences that I would highly recommend, even under normal circumstances, but they took on an almost celebratory quality for me because of my newly acquired health.

I’ve decided to make it one of my new goals to tap into that place within me all the time. Not just when I’m coming back from a killer attack of the sniffles. 🙂

Herc’s BIG Food Bowl


When I was transferring Hercules’ food into a plastic container, he was like, “FINALLY! She got me an appropriately-sized food bowl!”

Cool Dogs that Handle Their Own Finances


In the past couple of months, I’ve seen two – not one, but TWO – examples of dogs in banks. Weird – never seen it before, and not since.

But, in the service of my readers, I have memorialized the occasions –

small white dog in bank

Here’s a little dog who actually seems to be talking to the teller about his account. Maybe the lady sitting next to him is his dog-to-English interpreter?

Dogs waiting for owner in bank

Now, these two guys – while less interested in the actual financial transaction than the first – were cool for the fact that they were totally off-leash and well trained.

Here are some snaps I took of them across the plaza, waiting outside while their owner got some coffee –

Dogs Waiting While Owner Gets Coffee

Dogs Laying Down on Patio While Owner Gets Coffee

And then, of course, there’s what MY little guy does when we run errands –

Hercules Waiting in the Car

He waits cutely in the car! 🙂

Hercules, Cookie, Trixie, and Zoey All Dressed Up for Christmas


Yes, my family loves dogs. A LOT!

Just to get the doggie family tree straight – Hercules (AKA, Santa Claus) is my baby (but you all knew that!). Cookie and Zoey belong to my sister’s family, and Trixie is my Mom and Dad’s. 😀

Here they are, check out their Christmas spirit!

Hercules Looking Stud-tastic in His Football Jersey


Have you ever seen anyone cuter? 😀
Hercules in his football jersey

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