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Books | MelaniedeJonge.com - Part 2


Updates NOT About a Matty Nay Concert – Shocked Ain’t Ya?


WHAT I’M READING: The Magician’s Tale by David Hunt. I *LOVE* books set in San Francisco.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Tristan Prettyman. (http://www.tristanprettyman.com) I saw so many people pimping her on so many different message boards that I had to check her out. She’s so fucking badass! I can’t get her tunes out of my head…not to mention that her journal entries and board postings are clever and witty, she’s fucking gorgeous…AND she surfs. I think I have a full-on girl-crush on her. 🙂 I gotta add her to the music page on my website.

I just saw that hometown rocker chick Megan Slankard (oh, hi, hello…Tracy, CA) (http://www.meganslankard.com) is going to be on What Not to Wear in May. Haha…cool. Bye bye hippie chick, hello hottie. I assume, anyway, I haven’t seen the show yet.

WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON: Wow, if someone were to read this blog, they may think I have no life outside of Nathanson concerts. LOL That’s not true. It’s just easier to motivate myself to write up my concert stories because I know that I’m going to be talking about them with my friends on message boards and linking to them and talking about the pictures and whatnot. “Girl, did you see yourself in my picture?” etc. 🙂 (hi, Sarita!)

But, since I do, in fact, HAVE a real non-concert life that I probably will want to recall at some point in the future, I need to get off my lazy bootie and write about that as well. So here goes.

Easter weekend, my Spring Break of sorts, I went down to Southern California with Shawna and the fam. Shawna and I drove down together and I dropped her off at Tony’s place in Hollywood while the kids and the dog went with Mom and Dad. I then drove out to Karin’s house in Yucca Valley and we went karaoke singing at the Castle Inn. It was so much fun! I sang “You Were Meant for Me” by Jewel and “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt. It was sweet because the karaoke guy remembered me, and I haven’t been there for I don’t know how long. A year at least, possibly more. Which was even more impressive considering that the last time I was out there, the waitress not only remembered me but remembered what I had ordered at least a year before. WOW. Those high desert people have minds like steel traps.

When I sang my first song (You Were Meant for Me), it was such a rush. People were clapping, singing along, cheering. It felt so good! Mike, the karaoke DJ, said, “Melanie, girl, you’ve been gone too long!” It was great!

At one point in the evening, there was a bar fight. And not just the subtle little kind of bar fight you see in movies where it happens in a corner and the bouncer tosses people out and then it’s business as usual. No. This was broken glass, people arguing…the lights came up, the whole bar stopped. Everyone was either over there helping or standing there staring. The music stopped because Mike went over to help with the fight. Well, after all this was over and people were standing around, just chatting and waiting to see what was going to happen…Mike goes up and says, “Next we have…Melanie!”

I thought I would pee my pants. How am I supposed to top the entertainment value of a all out bar fight by singing a No Doubt tune?

Well, the music started. Karin and Bert started cheering and clapping. (My cousins love me!) The lights came down. People were still milling around and talking. I was petrified. But then as I started singing, people started paying attention! They sat down, they started singing along…OH MY GOD! It was actually going well!

So then I started relaxing and totally rocking out. Especially at the end, you can really belt that song out, it’s a fun one. People were dancing, even. Some people were doing the rock-head-bang thing like Wayne’s World. NICE!

When it was over, people were standing up, cheering, whistling…it felt awesome! Mike says, “You are two for two, girl!”

Man, I miss singing. I miss being in the choir for that reason. There are enough things about it I DON’T miss that I would not join again, particularly without Twana there. But I so miss that feeling of being up there on Sunday, with all the people in the congregation (about 3,000 people) singing along, standing there rocking with the rest of the choir, being right in the middle of that powerful three part harmony that no other style of music has even come close to utilizing as well as gospel music…and just opening my mouth as wide as I can, throwing my head back, and belting it out. And then that moment of silence as the last note fades in the air, right before the applause breaks out (but you know it’s going to). That’s a magic moment.

Then when the applause DOES break out, THAT feels great. And, of course, the whole choir is clapping, too (because it’s not the congregation clapping for the choir, per se…it’s all of us clapping for God, you know – whatever *smile*). It’s just this incredibly emotional shared experience. I loved that.

The thing I loved the MOST about being in the choir, though, was singing out at different places: different churches, different events. We were a racially mixed choir (um…yeah…I was in it, so that would be an “OBVIOUSLY”), and at many places we went, you could tell that they were skeptical about whether we would have an authentic gospel sound. Until we started singing, that is. 🙂 It was incredibly satisfying to stand there and watch the astonishment on their faces as we did our first couple of songs and then just see them smiling and singing along as we did the rest. WE WON THEM OVER! WOO HOO! What a sense of validation.

Man….all this reminiscing almost makes me want to go back. But…then I think of all the politics and bs…and I remember why I’m not there anymore. Why can’t it just all be about the music (well…and worshiping God, of course)? Why does it have to be so much about people’s fragile little egos and manipulative little power plays?

And that’s why I think I’ll be sticking to karaoke. 🙂



Love that movie. That is also how long it’s been since I’ve written. 🙂 So, with much urgings from my beloved ShellyJanuary, here goes:

WHAT I’VE BEEN LISTENING TO: Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt…and, oh yeah, more Matt. http://www.mattnathanson.com I got a hold of some of his live shows, and they have rekindled my Matty Lovin’. How is it possible that I have never seen him live? Why, now that I could finally manage to afford it, is he not touring back in California in the forseeable future? How is the Universe that unfair? Wow…these questions are really deep. I should be a Zen master. Seriously.

BEST MOVIE I’VE SEEN RECENTLY: Lost in Translation. I saw it at the ArcLight in Hollywood. Only place I ever want to see a movie again ever, incidentally. Cool ass movie theater. ASSIGNED SEATING! Anyway…Lost in Translation kicks serious booty. I can’t believe that Scarlett Johansson (sp? I don’t know) was only 17 when it was filmed. Also, Giovanni Ribisi was so perfect…I can’t even explain it. The movie was just so subtle…so few films are really subtle, and this one mastered that perfectly. I loved it.

BEST COMIC IN THE (FUCKING) WORLD: Dane Cook. http://www.danecook.com Shawna and I listened to his CD on the way home from LA last weekend, and I seriously thought I was not going to be able to continue driving while listening to it, I was laughing so hard. He is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! Did I mention that he’s also hott? Not just hot. Double ‘t’ hott. He is a hottie hott hott hottie. HOTT!!!!! As my other hottie crush, Matty N., would say: AAWWW…..SHIT!

OK, I’ve read a ton of crap since I’ve last posted, I’m not even gonna try to touch on it all. What I want to talk about is Backspin by Harlan Coben. It’s a Myron Bolitar mystery, one of the early ones. What made it special, though, was you get some insight into Win…his mother’s in the story, his uncle, cousins…and an incident from his childhood is revealed. It doesn’t *explain* him by any means, but it offers a glimpse. And since Win is far and away my favorite character in the series…possibly in recent literature LOL…I was lovin’ it.

WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON: Well, Zany Brainy filed for bankruptcy. Damn them. Well, it’s FAO, Inc., technically. The parent company. No difference. My reaction is still: Bastards! I loved that job. Those girls were great. Oh, well, moving on with my life…

Scott Bairstow from Party of Five…you remember, Neve Campbell’s abusive boyfriend Ned? Turns out the motherfucker has been molesting/statutory raping a relative of his ex-wife’s since she was 12 years old and he was in his late twenties. I always thought that guy played a psycho pervert too well. Seriously. Shawna and I used to talk about how he gave us the creeps for real. Something about his eyes…like when Tim Conway and Harvey Korman used to laugh for real, and you could tell it was different than acting-laughing? Well, like that, but with “psycho” instead of “laughter.”

I’ve been subbing while I’ve been off track. It’s so much fun! New class every day, VERY little responsibility (compared to having my own room), I’m out when the kids are out, and although it doesn’t pay as well as teaching, it’s still pretty good pay. Damn. That’s my new career goal…subbing. LOL I would love it, actually, if I could afford to just sub instead of teach. The reason I got into teaching was to spark kids’ passion for learning, to share literature and learning that I’m passionate about with them as well…and I’m not allowed to do that anyway, so what’s the point?

Anyway, I am going to make a serious effort to post more often…even if I don’t make a big production of it every time, if I just post some thoughts. I really want to aim for once a week consistency. That would be perfect.

Check in with ya later!

I’m Zany – And Brainy, Apparently!


WHAT I’M READING: Under Cover of Darkness by James Grippandi, Endangered Species by Nevada Barr, Four Blind Mice by James Patterson.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Everything to Everyone by Barenaked Ladies, OF COURSE! Not going to miss the new release by my all time favorite band! Can I be a little disloyal, though, and say that I was a bit disappointed? Man, I feel like such a traitor even voicing that, and especially on such a public forum, but this is the first of their CD’s EVER that there isn’t even one song that I say, “GOD! I love that song!” And on ALL of their other CD’s there have been at least five or six of those.

WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON: Well, I got a part-time job at Zany Brainy, which sells educational toys and other things like that. It should be pretty fun and interesting working there, hopefully, and I can make some extra moolah for paying off bills and saving up for the big move to LA. The sad thing is, if I’m working on Saturday nights, no more post-whoring with my MSM girls. Too bad.

Evie is coming out to visit me this spring. She’s never been to Northern California before. I’m going to show her San Francisco, Napa and Lake Tahoe. My own personal Top 3. I’m such a nerd, I’m already planning everything out to the Nth degree…I’m practically planning it out by the minute! ? There are so many special things. Cable cars, definitely, Ghirardelli Square, Pier 39 (touristy, but still ?). The Indonesia Restaurant. The Golden Gate, Golden Gate Park…oh man, it’s so exciting to be able to show someone all that for the first time! And then Napa, I definitely want to take her to Mondavi and take the tour…Sittui, the museum, Domain Chandon, the cooking academy…everything! And Lake Tahoe…The Forest Room, driving around the lake, that art gallery by the marina, gambling and partying till late in the evening LOL. I might even take her to Virginia City, I doubt she’s ever been to anything like that…anything Gold Rush or “Old West”-ish.

I’ve been SO into working out and going to the gym lately…I LOVE the gym. I love the feeling of industry there…everyone is there to do a job, and everyone is there to better themselves. Tanning and going in the spa also feel good, and I like the steam room. So I’m taking advantage of the pampering aspects of it, as well.

I’ve also recently discovered the Grilled Chicken Salad at the Mexican Food restaurant in the Food 4 Less parking lot down the street from my school….aaaahhhh!!!! Heaven! Oh, man, it’s such a good salad! And Cost Plus has a decent little low carb section, too. Low carb chocolate…yum! So I’m feelin’ pretty good about my diet lately! LOL In San Ramon, there is a whole low carb STORE called Greenbeanz, but things in there are hella expensive, and I can’t afford to be shopping there all the time. Or ANY of the time, for that matter! Haha.

Write more later!

Story of My Hometown


WHAT I’VE BEEN READING: Dead Ringer by Lisa Scottoline. Damn, that girl is witty!

WHAT I’VE BEEN LISTENING TO: Maroon 5. They rock. Good workout music.

COOL WEBSITE: http://www.friendster.com At friendster, you create a profile and so do your friends, and you link to one another. Then you are able to view the profiles of your friends, your friends’ friends, your friends’ friends’ friends…and so on and so on and so on. Like that shampoo commercial from the seventies.

Look at the testimonial Evie left for me:

“Melanie is the one girl in the world who can put up with me 24/7, and therefore not only the best roommate I have ever had, but also one of the best friends I could have ever hoped to wish for. She is caring, sweet, and wise, but all of that in addition to a wicked sense of humor. Melanie also has the most amazing, sparkling blue eyes and most infectious smile to be found in the state of California, if not the entire planet. She is someone who will never stop astounding you with some incredible facet of her personality.”

aaaaaawwwww…….. 🙂

WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON: I just got back from my friend Heather’s Pampered Chef party. It was SSSOOO good to see her! She’s been out on maternity leave and I have not seen her since the end of August. She and I were notorious for misbehaving during the Houghton Mifflin training. We wouldn’t shut up! The trainer, Deirdre (DEAR-dray), was very irritated with us. She even used that old classroom management trick of using my name in a sentence to get my attention. Of course, it didn’t actually snap me into line like it would have an eight-year-old…because I’M AN ADULT!!! Just for the future, though, here’s a good idea to get me to pay attention: SAY SOMETHING USEFUL. What a novel concept. 🙂

Heather and I have a big common interest, though, and that is Homeless Education. One of the good things about the federal Leave No Child Behind legislation (On of the ONLY good things, IMO) is that it makes it illegal to discriminate against children on the basis of residence where enrollment is concerned. Which is all very nice…but in REALITY…try to register a child in a school with no utility bill or other proof of residence. You basically can’t. This system makes it damn near impossible to send a child to school who happens to live in their car. The result? They probably won’t learn to read. This is a very serious problem. Heather wrote to Oprah about it, but she never heard back. I think we should make a guerilla-style documentary. I think that would have punch.

STORY ABOUT MY HOMETOWN: So, I was emailing with my friend Ryan, and he asked me for a humorous anecdote about Tracy (my hometown). I wrote him back with one, and then realized that it was so perfectly descriptive of Tracy, that I had to post it here. Enjoy:

“This is a story that will tell you ALL you will ever need to know
about what Tracy is like.

Last summer was my ten year high school reunion. (I’m old. I know.
Shut up.) It was $185 for some dinner and dancing at a hotel near
here, which I think any reasonable person would agree is a little
steep. The only real reason to go to a reunion, anyway, I think, is
to catch up with people’s lives that you’ve lost track of. This
being Tracy, however, the only people who I would be curious about, I
already know about. Here goes:

1) Jeff Sparkman: Ex-boyfriend. He’s a humor columnist for my
hometown newspaper. Therefore I catch up with his life weekly, in

2) Beth Wilson: Best friend from 8 years old to early twenties. Our
friendship kinda fell apart when Jeff and I started dating, because
the three of us had been friends before that and it made it weird.
Of course, two years after I broke up with Jeff, he and Beth started
dating. She dumped him, too. Poor guy. I catch up with her once
every couple months on email. She works at a museum in Sacramento

3) Ken Colburn: My sixth-grade boyfriend. My first boyfriend,
actually…hand holding and the occasional hug. HOT stuff, lemme
tell ya. We were the envy of the other 11-year-olds. He could (and
probably still can) ride a unicycle. Our song was “Take My Breath
Away” by Berlin (we were big Top Gun fans, apparently). He was also,
incidentally, Jeff’s high school best friend. And since his parents
still live next door to my parents, his life is not exactly a mystery
to me, either.

So, even though I didn’t really care about the reunion, I was feeling
sort of nostalgic and halfway wishing that I hadn’t missed it when I
went into our local hip coffee house, Shots, a couple of weeks ago.
Shots is like Starbucks but much cooler. Think Central Perk from
Friends. I was talking with Justin Porter, the cool guy that owns
the place…and who also graduated in my year at high school.
(Also, incidentally, he’s friends with my sister’s boyfriend Tony.
And Tony’s aunt Joanne was my nephew’s kindergarten teacher, and his
other aunt Barbara was MY second grade teacher. Aaahhh…Tracy).
The subject of the reunion came up in my conversation with Justin. I
started getting sentimental about it, but he dismissed that with a
short laugh.

“Don’t even trip about missing it. You didn’t miss much. Only,
like, thirty people showed up, and they basically just went out back
all night and got baked. It was fun, but hell…they do that every
Saturday night anyway for free.”

And there you have it. From weekly Saturday night cowtipping to
weekly Saturday night ganja fests in only ten short years. That’s my
hometown, in a nutshell. I’m so proud!”



WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Matt Nathanson. Totally talented singer/songwriter guy…not to mention a complete cutie. He’s based out of San Francisco. He’s playing at Slim’s in the city next week. Damn. I’m broke. Sucks! (Every time I say the name “Slim’s”, I think of that line from Love Jones… “Come on, slim…f*ck your man, I ain’t worried about him.” Aaaahhh….Love Jones. Hey…If Jennifer Love Hewitt married somebody named Jones, her name would be Love Jones. Heh)

WHAT I’M READING: Lake House by James Patterson

COOL WEBSITE I’VE RECENTLY DISCOVERED: http://www.daretosing.com. It is freakin’ hilarious!!!! The concept of the site is that people who think they can sing (and a handful who actually can) upload mp3’s of themselves daring to sing (or daring to suck, as the case may be). Other people then download their attempts and are able to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 and provide comments.

Oh….my…God. That’s comedy, people. An added bonus is that some of the people on there actually are talented. Jazzybagz is fantastic. Also, that site is how I originally discovered Ernie Halter (http://www.erniehalter.com), because he posted a Mayer cover which was discussed on mystupidmouth.com. But, the main function of the site, for me at least, is comic relief.

WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON: Man, I realize that I had complete PMS the last time I wrote! The tone of almost everything on that post is complete irritation. LOL Well, I’m back to my old cheerful self.

However, before I completely exit the kingdom of bitchiness I do have to lodge a complaint. Remember in my last blog, I told about how I had emailed Five O’Clock Shadow to see if they are really breaking up? I didn’t post the email here, but I will now:

>To: focs@focs.com
>Subject: BREAKING UP???? NNNNOOOO!!!!!
>Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2003 21:13:36 -0800

>Hi there!

>You don’t know me, but I am a big fan. I heard that you are breaking
>up at the end of the year. Is this true? Is the person that I heard
>it from crazy/on drugs? Joking. I realize those two things don’t
>have to be mutually exclusive 🙂 Anyway, this is so incredibly sad
>if it’s true.

>I have to bribe my inner two-year-old to do unpleasant tasks (such as
>paying bills, doing laundry and working out) and listening to your
>music is one of the major carrots I dangle for her. 🙂 Trust me, if
>y’all stop putting out new tunes, it’s highly possible that I will
>turn into an out-of-shape, dirty-clothes-wearing,
>currently-in-bankruptcy-court former fan. 🙂

>Come now…I don’t think any of us wants that!

>Seriously, though, if you are breaking up, I am sad about that. You
>guys have a truly unique and quality sound that will be missed by
>many people, including myself. I only hope that you are pursuing
>solo projects so that I can still manage to drop some coin on y’all’s
>behalf. Wow…I used two apostrophes in one word. Cool.

>If you have a moment, feel free to write me back and end my misery of
>uncertainty. 🙂 God knows I’d appreciate it! 🙂

>Thanks so much for your time!


I felt that was, if not my finest comedic writing of all time, at least worth a small chuckle.

So, Oren tells Evie… “Yeah, one of your friends emailed me this week, and it was the most hilarious thing I’ve read all week. She said we satiated her inner two-year-old or something.” But the way she related his tone, it was more like he meant hilarious-psycho than hilarious-funny. Not to mention that the way he explained the “inner two-year-old” comment was completely out of the context of the email. I am very irritated by this. Not to mention the fact that he STILL HASN’T WRITTEN ME BACK! Way to keep in touch with the fans, man. Ridicule their emails behind their backs so they know you’ve read them, but don’t bother to respond.

So, listen…if you are reading this, dude, let me tell you something…it was MEANT TO BE FUNNY! It was not meant to be literal! My life is not actually going to fall apart if you guys break up. I was exaggerating for comic effect. But, it doesn’t really matter. I’m pretty much over you guys breaking up at this point. David Ryan Harris can “satiate” my inner two-year-old.

All the Updates That Are Fit to Print…


…and some that aren’t, really.

WHAT I’VE BEEN LISTENING TO: Ernie Halter. Someone posted about him on a message board I go to, and I checked out his website. He is soooo cool! I downloaded some of his stuff, and I just can’t stop listening. The CD I burned from the mp3’s on his site is what is currently keeping me pumped up during my workouts. 🙂 http://www.erniehalter.com Check him out, why don’t ya?

WHAT I’VE BEEN READING: Manner of Death by Stephen White

COOL MOVIE I’VE SEEN LATELY: The Fighting Temptations. The gospel music in the movie was not quite as authentic as I’d hoped….or maybe I should say, it wasn’t the style I enjoy most. I like “choir” kinda gospel music, which I thought this would be. John P. Kee. Kirk Franklin. Fred Hammond. West Angeles COGIC. Basically any choir with the word “Mass” in it. You know what I’m talking about. This was more like hip hop, R&B-style gospel. For the young people. LOL. But still very cool…a sweet story. I liked the movie overall.

COOL WEBSITE I’VE RECENTLY DISCOVERED: www.mystupidmouth.com – John Mayer message board. It’s fun. It’s a good way to get rid of some of that pesky disposable time we all hate so much. 🙂 Of course, if you’re not a Mayer fan, it probably would not appeal to you as much.

RANDOM RANT: Die, John Wells!!!!! Die, bastard!!!! You are not fit to derelict Aaron Sorkin’s balls. DDDIIIIIEEEE!!!! (for more info on the reasons why I feel this way, expressed in a way that is much more clever than I have the time to come up with, see: http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/story.cgi?show=4&story=5480&limit=&sort= )

WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON: Well, the big news is that I got a new car…finally!!! YES!!! It’s a 2003 Nissan Sentra, silver. Love it! Spending six weeks with no car was no fun. I spent an ungodly amount of time posting on various message boards and abandoning any pretense of leading a real, non-internet life.

I have rekindled my interest in exercising, however, and have been doing my Power 90 tapes and going to the gym very regularly. YAY…..endorphines! WooHoo!

Five O’Clock Shadow is breaking up!!! NNNOOOOO!!!!!!! Evie is friendly with one of the guys from the group and he told her. I don’t think it’s a secret, though, because someone alluded to it in their guestbook. I emailed them to ask if it’s true…just in case for some odd reason Oren was messing with Evie’s head or Evie was messing with mine. But I think both of those possibilities are slim like shady. I think they are history. 🙁

David Ryan Harris is playing this Saturday night in Santa Monica…WWWWWAAAAA!!!! Dang it, every damn thing goes down in LA. I always get excited when I see concert announcements for California…but is it ever up here??? NNNOOOO!!!! This would be one major reason why I am getting my ass back to SoCal as soon as humanly possible.

I went out and voted in California’s own little Saturday Night Live skit….er….um….I mean….Recall Election. Not telling you how I voted. The point is that I *did* vote.

I replaced Eddie, who was broken. Those in the know, know. Those that don’t, don’t.

My website broke 3000 unique visitors this week! YAY!!!!!

I am currently subjecting my 2nd Graders to the non-abridged double CD version of The Phantom of the Opera while they do their seatwork under the pretense that it is appropriately creepy for the season…but really because I just want to listen to it. 🙂 They are BEGGING me to bring Chuck Mangione back. Heeheehee! They love Joe Satriani, but it gets them too riled up. I can only put it on at the end of the day when I’m about to send them out the door anyway. LOL

I’m currently reading “In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson” aloud to them. I forgot how awesome that book is! LOVE it! Makes me cry, makes me laugh…makes the kids do those things, too, which is important. 🙂 They are having a little trouble getting used to the Realistic Fiction genre after I’ve just finished spoiling them with “The Hoboken Chicken Emergency,” “Fat Men from Space,” and “Jennifer Murdley’s Toad.” Heh. But they’ll live. The only thing I regret about teaching second is that they are too young for me to share my favorite children’s lit book, “A Wrinkle in Time,” with. AWWW!

**Note – If any spies from my school are reading this, I only read novels aloud to them for ten minutes a day and I DON’T count it as part of my sacred Houghton Mifflin minutes! God forbid I take precious time away from curriculum adoption workbook pages to share some actual literature…wouldn’t dream of it, baby! 🙂

Have I mentioned on here how much I really hate the state of the educational system today????? Nothing personal against my particular school…it’s the same all over.

I’m just gonna go ahead and end on that downer note. I can’t think of anything else to say! 🙂

Stay strong, power people! 🙂

Once a Week….HAHAHAHA!!!!!


Well, OK, I guess the once a week thing did not work out as I hoped….due mainly to circumstances which I will explain fully in the “What’s Going On” section of this entry. So, without further ado, on with the show….

Or, more accurately, listening to on tape…Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I know it’s been forever since it came out, and I actually bought it the day of release, but I just keep parceling it out to myself in tiny increments as rewards for good behavior…e.g. – working out. It’s a fairly good system if you ignore the concept that I actually have to bribe my inner two-year-old to do things I should, as an adult, just suck it up and DO! But, hey, whatever works. 🙂

COOL MOVIE I’VE SEEN LATELY: Swimming Pool. The ending was a bit of a let-down, and I thought that they should have cut the whole “murder mystery” sub-plot and focused on the character development…but all in all, a worthwhile flick. B+. 🙂

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Jason Mraz. I like him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Hottie John Mayer…but I like him :-).

WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING LATELY: OK…first and foremost….I got in a car accident, which sucks IN THE EXTREME! My tire blew out on the freeway, across three lanes of busy traffic. My car hit the center divide, and now it is TOTALED!

OK, that sucks so badly that I am finished talking about it…it’s too depressing.

In other news, I was going to go to the Jack Johnson/Ben Harper concert, but that did not happen due in equal parts to the car situation and a last minute change of venue which put it at 2 hours away from me instead of 1. I heard about the concert from my friend from work, Heather, and she ended up not going as well because she did not feel well. BUT…her husband, Nate, DID go to the concert, and he said it was quite good. I definitely want to catch one or both of them the next time they roll through town!

My book-on-tape project (asking my friends to record picture books on tape for my listening library) is going well! I have gotten some returned, and my friend Janice even ordered books to be sent to me…AWWWW!!!!! She is the best!!!! I haven’t even emailed her to say Thank You, come to think of it, I need to do that tomorrow. 🙂

Well…I will write more later….and I actually will, honest! LOL

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