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Take a look at the below video to check it out!

This Is Where I Am Spending the Afternoon Working Right Now


Being a professional internet nerd rocks! 😀

Heather Armstrong of Looking for Holiday Guide Submissions


OK, this is a call out to all my artistic readers, and there are more than a few.

Heather Armstrong of (the internet’s most popular personal blog) is looking for submissions from independent artists for her Holiday gift guides. These will get incredible exposure from motivated buyers. If you are a craftsperson who makes something that would fit, please don’t hesitate – SUBMIT! 🙂

Here is the relevant text from the original post:

I am in the process of putting together a holiday gift guide, one for women like myself, one for geeky husbands, one for infants, and one for five-year-old girls who think life is totally unfair. Maybe just some coal for her.

I’m looking for handmade goods, products from small businesses, and would love to see unique things from independent artists. If you’ve seen my style section and think I’d like what you have to offer, please send me a link to your stuff at style at dooce dot com. Note, I do not accept compensation for featuring products on this website, I truly just want to introduce my audience to things I like and think they would enjoy as well.

Please don’t send me naked pictures of yourself, I don’t have any more room in that file.

And you can read the entire thing here –

Good luck to you!

Pete Cashmore – There are No Blog Owners in the World Hotter Than Pete Cashmore :)


And I’m even including myself in that estimation. Haha.

Anyway, I’m moving one of my ‘series-style’ posts over here from Internet Marketing Chick, because I think the series is more fitting with the spirit of this blog. The series is Internet Crushes. Because I’m a nerd, so I love nerds. Makes sense, right? 😀

Basically, I’m re-blogging myself. Haha. Need any more proof I’m a nerd? 😀

Here’s the original post:

So the new series I’m starting is about my Cyber-Crushes, guys that are…well…WAY too hott to be on the internet, basically. Haha.

It will be updated semi-bi-annually, or whenever I feel like it.

Number one in said series, and number one in my cyber-crush heart, is the delectable Pete Cashmore.

Reasons why he is hott –

1) He created, in Mashable!, basically my favorite blog, and the only one that gets it’s own spot on my google reader instead of being part of a feed widget.

Mashable in Google Reader

Like how I Perez Hilton’ed that for ya? 😀

2) The accent. Oh, dear GOD, the accent!

3) The dry, sarcastic wit.

4) Let’s be real. The boy is good-looking. 😀

Here’s some videos that prove my point. Watch how the wine chick is so flustered she can barely string a sentence together. HILARIOUS! 😀

Songs About Websites – AKA – Cybersongs :)


Inspired by yesterday’s reblog, I have decided to release the next in the series of reblogging myself. 🙂 This one is from InternetMarketingChick, as well.


So, embedding Kina’s Digg song last week got me thinking about other songs I’ve heard that are about websites.

Not to brag or anything, but I’m KIND of the Queen of the Theme mixtape. For instance, I have managed to collect 27 songs that are all either called “Melanie” or feature a major character named “Melanie” – I call that one “Narcissism.” 😀 My masterpiece to date, though, is “Rockin’ While Stalkin'” – songs about stalking or being stalked. 😀

This mix I’ve put together here, I have to say, is pretty cool and I’m kinda proud of it, even though it only features 6 songs.


Kina Grannis – Gotta Digg Here’s the song that gave me the idea in the first place. 😀

Alana Taylor – The Twitter Song It talks about Twitter AND Facebook, and even mentions Mahalo Daily 😀 Triple Threat

IM Love – Raining Jane This song doesn’t talk about a specific website, but…how can you not include Raning Jane? IMPOSSIBLE! God, I hope you’re not my Dad. That’s all I’m sayin’.

The Myspace Song – Good Clean Fun They know how Emo kids feel. 😀

I’m a Warrior – Steven Wagenheim Only song on the list dedicated to an IM forum. Come on eWealthers – catch up! Nebula/Jamie? Nothing? 😀

YouTube (A Love Song) – David Choi A lot of people claim they see a little smile at the end. I don’t. 🙂

Ebay – Weird Al Yankovic (contributed by xmx)

Facebook Anthem – LLP81 (I don’t think this is a band, just people that make funny videos, but it’s DAMN funny! 😀) (contributed by Ian Wilcox)

I Google You – Amanda Palmer (courtesy of

Coming Soon, hopefully, will be The Internet Killed Bookmobile by ColinSick. 😀

Did I Forget Any? Leave Them In The Comments, I’ll Amend the List!

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