californication tv californication davidI know Californication gets a lot of heat and not enough respect in a lot of camps because of the raunchiness, but I really think that, in Californication, TV has found a new classic. One of the major reasons for this, obviously, is star David Duchovny.

David plays Hank Moody, a debaucherous writer who hasn’t written anything in years, since his tome, “God Hates Us All.” He’s estranged from his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his child, who is engaged to a boring-but-safe former architecture client. The series focuses on that relationship, as well as that of he and his daughter, and the long line of his many conquests.

There’s no way this one paragraph plot description can possibly get across the greatness that is this show, though. 🙂 It’s hilarious, and yes it’s raunchy – but it’s also so, SO poignant at times.

I just watched the Season 2 Finale, and I don’t mind telling you…I cried. 🙂 If you haven’t watched this show yet, seriously…get the Season 1 DVDs and do it in one sitting. The do Season 2 with OnDemand, if you have it. You’ll thank me. 😀

If you wanna go the eBay route on the DVDs, incidentally, here are some listings: