OK, I admit it. I’m not a huge Twilight fan, I’m not caught up in the huge “New Moon” craze. I could care less. My vampire affinities lie with True Blood. My only interest in the series is that I think it’s great that Anna Kendrick is finally getting her due – or, at least, some recognizability.

She’s fantastic. I first became aware of her in the AWESOME “Camp” – I know it’s esoteric, but I’m in it’s target audience – and that movie just thrills my little theater geek heart to no end! And, in a movie filled with awesome renditions of musical theater classics, Anna absolutely steals the show with her mid-song replacement in Ladies Who Lunch from Company.

But it’s no wonder – Anna, at 12, become the third youngest person ever nominated for a Tony Award for her work in High Society, playing Dinah. The role actually won her the Theatre World Award and the Drama Desk Award.

Take a look at these two videos of Anna stealing the show – the first is of her seminal scene in Camp, the one I referred to above, and the second is of her performing Life Upon the Wicked Stage from Showboat, backed up by the Kit Katt Girls from Cabaret from 1999’s Broadway: The Leading Ladies show.