CRW_3190.jpgOnce when they conceived their baby and again when it came time for him to support it. :/

I don’t remember why this came up recently, but the main thing is it did, so I thought I would opine. 😀

I can’t honestly believe that Chris T. Sullivan, who is worth in the neighborhood of 150 MILLION DOLLARS, is balking at paying $7,500 a month for child support for his daughter, Charista.

I mean, I admit, the Mom does sound skanky and she does sound like she tricked him into going bareback in hopes of conceiving a lottery ticket, so to speak. No question.

But, forget that now. Now there’s a baby. And, trust me, Chris. You don’t want her to grow up and see that the very first thing you did for her in her early months and years of life was go into court and protest vehemently how much you didn’t want her.