I admit it. I love Kristen Bell. I don’t know if it’s her adorable little pixie blonde cute charm, or just leftover Veronica Mars affection (which will NEVER fade), but I frickin’ LOVE HER!

So, Kristin has a fiance, Dax. Oldies like moi will remember Dax from Punk’d days, but others might recognize him from his current gig, which is Crosby on Parenthood. Or, as I like to refer to the character – Jabbar’s Dad. 😀

Well, anyway, Kristen is a huge animal lover, and has always wanted to interact with a sloth. A “Sloth Encounter” if you will.

Check out the A-DOR-A-BLE clip of her recounting on Elllen the story of how her honey made that shit happen! 😀