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This Is Where I Am Spending the Afternoon Working Right Now


Being a professional internet nerd rocks! 😀

Caitlin Crosby’s Awesome “Embrace Your Flawz” Video


I love people who are passionate about their projects, and that definitely describes Caitlin Crosby‘s three year quest to record the footage for the following video, and create it.

Caitlin (along with United States of Tara actress Brie Larson) is the driving force behind, a budding movement to promote body image celebration, not just among teenage girls as such pushes often focus on, but along the entire spectrum of age and gender.

This is a subject that is close to her heart, and a theme that can be seen throughout her songwriting – like in another of her popular songs, “Imperfect is the New Perfect.”

Take a look at the video – it’s really great.  Very inspiring!  And while you’re at it – Love Your Flawz! 😀

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