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Jeannie Mai and the Great Prayer Box Mystery


OK, here is a bizarre (and also inspiring!) thing that happened to my friend Jeannie and a project of hers, The Prayer Box Project.  Yes All In Caps.  Deal With It. 🙂

She had an idea to put a prayer box at the top of this popular hiking place here in LA, Runyon Canyon.  It’s a place where people tend to do an equal mixture of hiking and contemplating, due to the stunning combination of cardio-inspiring inclines and awe-inspiring views.

In this box, people could jot down their prayers on little pieces of paper and put them into the box, bolstered by the notion that their prayer, as it slipped through the slot, was joining all the prayers – all the love, longings, hopes, dreams, and ambitions – which had been scrawled out on similar bits of paper and entrusted to the box by the hikers who had come before.

It’s poetic and nice, right?

So, of course it got stolen inside a week.  Stinkin’ Angelenos!  Grr…

However, that’s not the end of the story.  On January 1st of this year, the very first day of the brand new decade, it mysteriously showed up again, with some of the prayers inside still intact, no less.  Sure, it was worse for the wear.  But aren’t we all?  The important thing is that it’s back, it’s working, it’s serving its purpose.  Again, what more can we hope for ourselves than that?

I’d like to take a lesson from the prayer box, and I think we all can.  Maybe 2009 tried to hold us back, and beat us up.  Maybe 2009 even snatched us off of the path we were on and held us hostage for awhile.

But, that was then and this is now.  It’s 2010 and WE’RE BACK, BABY!  We may be battle-scarred and a little tattered, but we are BACK ON THE MOUNTAINTOP! 😀

PS – If you think this was a cool idea for a project and want to throw some support Jeannie’s way, due to her being the kind of person that would think of such a cool idea for a project, LOL, then visit her at her blog, (so named because she’s adorable and of course everyone does!), or watch her shows, How Do I Look? or Extra.  Although, the latter not being quite as important if you’re not a Nielson family. 😛

UPDATED to include Jeannie’s tweet below.  Thanks for the shout out, babe! 😀

Hercules Has the Best Face!


I tool this the other day while I was trying to wake that sleepyhead up! 😀  Then, of course, there’s the added cuteness of THE TONGUE:

Say Hello to My New Favorite Snack in the Entire World


It’s pre-sliced red apples with Walden Farms calorie-free caramel dip. MMMMMMM…so good. And let’s just take a moment to absorb that little descriptor there. CALORIE-FRICKIN-FREE!!!!!!! No calories. Zero. None. Zippo. The big zilch.

And, yes. That’s an XS in the background. 😀 I’m in heaven!

Post Office Pooch


Here is the latest in my Dogs in Inappropriate Public Places series.

How is that even a series?  LOL

Robert B Parker, You Will Be Sorely Missed


I almost can’t believe there will NEVER be another new Spencer novel. I guess The Professional will be the last. No more Spencer and Susan, no more Spencer and Hawk.

I know Parker created other series main characters – Jesse Stone, Sunny Randall – and I enjoyed them. But I LOVED Spencer. I’ve been reading those books since high school. I felt like I knew those characters. And, now they’ve passed away, as well, I suppose – in the sense that they will never do or say anything new. Any adventures in their lives have already been had.

It’s so incredibly sad. 🙁

Here’s What I Love About IHOP…


They just bring you the whole freaking coffeepot. They’re like…”Who are we kidding? Let’s just drop all the pretense. We’ll leave the pot.”

And, hey IHOP. I agree!

IHOP Coffee Pot

Rent From Us or Burn in Hell!


OK, people!  I risked life and limb digging my camera out of my purse while still remaining level with this guy on the freeway!  Not to mention having to continue freeway driving while I held my camera up to the window with a steady enough hand to take a legible picture.

It was worth it, though, to memorialize this truck.  Jesus Party Rentals.

Where the staff of Party Down Catering will be working after they get their lives right, I imagine!  And here they thought they were just gonna go wait tables at the Soup’r Crackers!

I Forget How Good Normal Feels


I know that sounds deep and oh-so-very poignant, but what I’m actually referring to is when you’re sick, you forget how good it feels just to feel NORMAL!

I just got over a HORRIBLE week and a half of being stupid-sick…first a massive headache that lasted for three days and then a nasty cold for the rest of it.

On Saturday, I woke up and LO AND BEHOLD! I felt better. I felt about 98%, anyway. But much closer to completely better than I had felt since New Year’s Eve.

I was gripped with this whole sudden “New Lease on Life” thing that sometimes happens to me in the first couple of days of feeling well after having felt really ill. I took Hercules out to Zuma Beach and walked him up and down the parking lot (very popular Malibu thing to do, and something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I came into possession of The Very Best Dog in the Entire World), and then I went and saw Youth in Revolt.

Both were experiences that I would highly recommend, even under normal circumstances, but they took on an almost celebratory quality for me because of my newly acquired health.

I’ve decided to make it one of my new goals to tap into that place within me all the time. Not just when I’m coming back from a killer attack of the sniffles. 🙂

PS22 Chorus – Viva La Vida by Coldplay


This is my favorite of the PS22 Chorus videos.  And I don’t even like Coldplay!  In fact, I like the PS22 version of this song quite a bit better than the original. 😛


Dorn. He’s the Next Big Thing. You Heard It Here First.


So, if you’re into music and the internet, or even only one of the two, chances are you’ve heard of Bravo’s new show they’re casting for right now, called Hitmakers.  They’re looking for well-rounded artists, as opposed to American Idol who are looking primarily for singers.  Hitmakers wants people who can also write, produce, play instruments – the whole package.

Well, I was watching some of the audition tapes online, and I think I have found their winner.  Seriously, people.  Why even have a show?

Dorn is the epitome of the phrase “the whole package.”  From his unique fashion styling to his lyrical genius to his wall-o’-guitars, dude has it going on.

Don’t take my word for it.  See for yourself.

I give you….the man, the myth, the legend…..DORN:

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