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Cool Dogs that Handle Their Own Finances


In the past couple of months, I’ve seen two – not one, but TWO – examples of dogs in banks. Weird – never seen it before, and not since.

But, in the service of my readers, I have memorialized the occasions –

small white dog in bank

Here’s a little dog who actually seems to be talking to the teller about his account. Maybe the lady sitting next to him is his dog-to-English interpreter?

Dogs waiting for owner in bank

Now, these two guys – while less interested in the actual financial transaction than the first – were cool for the fact that they were totally off-leash and well trained.

Here are some snaps I took of them across the plaza, waiting outside while their owner got some coffee –

Dogs Waiting While Owner Gets Coffee

Dogs Laying Down on Patio While Owner Gets Coffee

And then, of course, there’s what MY little guy does when we run errands –

Hercules Waiting in the Car

He waits cutely in the car! 🙂

This is What Life Looks Like When You’re a Professional Internet Nerd


Yes, that’s right folks. Four. Count ’em. FOUR computers in line of sight. 😀
Computer Nerdery

Hercules, Cookie, Trixie, and Zoey All Dressed Up for Christmas


Yes, my family loves dogs. A LOT!

Just to get the doggie family tree straight – Hercules (AKA, Santa Claus) is my baby (but you all knew that!). Cookie and Zoey belong to my sister’s family, and Trixie is my Mom and Dad’s. 😀

Here they are, check out their Christmas spirit!

Tierra Del Fuego, Indeed – Gay Marriage Comes to Argentina!


Well, Argentina has officially proven itself to be more enlightened that California.

Latin America’s first gay couple (Jose Maria Di Bello and Alex Freyre) were married today in Tierra Del Fuego’s capital city of Ushauaia.

Congratulations, guys! That’s hot! 😀

Hercules Looking Stud-tastic in His Football Jersey


Have you ever seen anyone cuter? 😀
Hercules in his football jersey

Diane Birch’s Bible Belt Knocks My Socks Off


I bought my Dad Diane Birch’s debut CD “Bible Belt” for Christmas, which was why I haven’t written about it here sooner. I didn’t want him reading about it and going out and buying it.

I have to say, though – this CD tops my list for most incredible and surprising music of 2009. Birch’s voice is reminiscent of the 1970s songstresses I grew up listening to – she’s like a cross between Carole King and Janis Joplin – and her melodies call up images of Carole King as well, and of Burt Bacharach at his best.

Not only that, but she has the maturity and melodic awareness to realize that using horns throughout her music is a smart choice. It adds depth and layers and brightness to the songs, making some of them remind me of Chicago in their heydey, or of Blood Sweat and Tears.

Being a debut effort from a very young artist, it’s not surprising that the CD is a little uneven, with high points of brilliance (Nothing But a Miracle, Fools, Photograph) and low points of fairly pedestrian offerings (Valentino). However, those flashes of brilliance  cause me to predict that in 30, 40, and even 50 years – Diane Birch will transcend her peers – she won’t be a has-been, she’ll be a legend.

Merry Christmas from Juniper Creek – Can’t Wait for Big Love to Come Back!


Only a couple more weeks until the return of Big Love, and I can’t wait!

In the meantime, here’s a Christmas greeting from the Prophet and Ladies of Juniper Creek to tide us over. It’s hilariously awesome! 😀

Brittany Murphy’s Death – What a Shocker!


I can’t believe Brittany Murphy is dead. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like she was great or anything – but she was cute, and she seemed nice, if a little ditzy.

A lot of people didn’t know she had a pretty good singing voice, in addition to her acting. Take a look at this video from the 2002 MTV Movie Awards. She sings at 2:30.

Top Hip Hop Songs This Week


Why, you wonder, am I writing a post  entitled “Top Hip Hop Songs This Week”?  Yeah, I realize I’m not a DJ or anything. 😀  However, I noticed that a lot of the traffic coming to my blog was from people who were finding posts that I’d written about rap or hip hop songs.   And, since I’m a big proponent of the notion of giving the people what they want…voila!

Now, I don’t think I’m dating myself by admitting that my favorite rap song is a 3 way tie between Playaz Club, My Posse’s on Broadway, and Ditty…oh, wait, I *AM* dating myself?  Wow.  Sucks.  Haha. 😀  But, my point is, that I also enjoy current hip hop trends.  So, without further ado, here we go – a constantly updated list of the 25 Top Hip Hop Songs of the Week.

Why 25, you ask?  Why not the ubiquitous 10, or even 15?  Well, I will tell you.  To use a phrase totally apropos to the genre we are currently celebrating…THAT’S HOW I ROLL! 😀

Top Hip Hop Songs of the Week

Bill Cosby’s Not Dead – Don’t Believe Everything You Read on Yahoo Buzz


Here’s what was the top story on Buzz when I checked my Yahoo mail this morning –

And here was the news when I searched Google News –

The lesson?  Crowdsourced news can bring interesting things to the forefront, but not all of it will be true!

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