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Coolest. Gadget. Ever. Pulse Smartpen From Livescribe


This just might be the coolest invention of all time. I wish I had it when I was in college.

Dang, I wish I’d had it when I was in meetings at a certain job that won’t be named (*cough* LA Leadership *cough*) where the exact words that a certain person (who I actually WON’T name :/) had said in previous meetings was constantly being called into question. 😀 If you worked there, you know what I mean. But, Maria, wouldn’t this have helped??? 🙂

Check out the Smartpen – 2 Gig Version | 1 Gig Version

And you can actually get some really decent deals on eBay:

Top 25 Facebook Games


Take a look at this chart of the Top 25 Facebook games. It surprised me when I looked at it. I use Little Green Patch from time to time, and I’ve been invited to Mob Wars although I never really got into it. But I was shocked to see the absence of WordTwist, which is wildly popular among my friends and I.

Check it out!

Most Popular Facebook Games

Most Popular Facebook Games

Jesus Is My Friend by Sonseed


I have wasted…just…SO MUCH time over the past few days watching this. And watching it again. And again. And again. And again.

Gotta love them viral videos. 😀


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