WHAT I’M READING: White Oleandar by Janet Fitch (don’t be fooled by the movie-tie-in-Oprah’s-Book-Club image…it’s an amazing book! The language is so poetic that I find myself with tears in my eyes at the images the words evoke and the lovely, gentle way they evoke them)


COOL TELEVISION SHOW RECENTLY DISCOVERED: “The Surreal Life” on the WB. OK…I cannot explain how brilliant this show is! Seven has-been entertainment personalities are living in a house together for 10 days with no access to personal phones or personal vehicles, and the show documents how they interact. The (ex)celebs are MC Hammer, Emmanuel Lewis, Gabrielle Carteris, Jerri from Survivor, Vince Neil, Corey Feldman and a previous playboy bunny named Brande. It’s classic interaction, and the exchanges are brilliant. Please, PLEASE start watching. And if you can’t, at least read the www.televisionwithoutpity.com recaps.

WHAT’S GOING ON: Well, I am busy teaching, of course, and the California state budget cuts have hit us hard, at least in the anticipation of cuts we need to make for next year. I am doing my darndest to just put it out of my mind until we know the extent of the damage.

I am also busy getting my summer program grad school applications together and figuring out how I am going to swing that. If it’s Hollins, the Children’s Lit program, it starts while I’m still teaching, and I would need to figure out how I would handle that. Of course, if it’s the Gifted kids program at the University of Connecticut, then it fits with my schedule. Of course because of the “downsizing/crossizing” situation in Weston Ranch, who knows where I’ll even be next year?

Loved the holidays…I sent out a group Christmas message on email with a picture of my class, and I got a really good response! I am now getting back in touch with people that I’ve been out of touch with for a long time and that feels really good!

Well, it’s so late that I think I’ll call it a night…however, one of my fake New Year’s Resolutions is to start keeping my diary more regularly (in addition to recording and releasing a best-selling CD, being chosen as the next Bachelorette, etc.) I figured it had about as much likelihood of happening as the others. Yet, here I am. Miracles do happen…hehe.