WHAT I’M READING: Educating Esme (by Esme Codell) (again!)

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Come Away With Me by Norah Jones

COOL WEBSITE RECENTLY DISCOVERED: http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com Funny recaps of shows they find interesting, funny, and faintly (or not-so-faintly) ridiculous.

WHAT’S GOING ON: Well, last weekend was extremely eventful! Cat told me about an open call last Saturday at Universal for American Pie 3, for the part of Michelle (the band geek’s) little sister. Well, we knew Shawna had to try out! After making quick arrangements to cover her shift and make sure the kids were taken care of, she and I decided to head out on Friday as soon as I got off work at 3:30.

Well, Friday was a Teacher Prep day for my track, so I figured that it would be easy enough to plan my day so that I could leave at 3:30. Wrong! A few minutes before the kids got out at 3:10, a message came over the intercom saying not to let the kids go, not to leave the classroom. Well, it was pretty nerve-wracking to sit there for the next 40 minutes wondering what the HECK was going on, and what kind of danger was going on, I’ll tell you! I called Shawna and told her that I didn’t know when I was getting out, and sat there and tried to get some more work done…fat chance! I was trying to keep my cool and concentrate, but the truth is, I was NERVOUS!

Turns out that the danger was not a terrorist or a bomb threat…but, rather….a DOG! Catherine, I’m sure, would find that option by FAR the most threatening of the three! 🙂 The dog bit two adults, and they couldn’t, of course, in good conscience let the kids go until Animal Control could get a hold of the dog. But, in the meantime, I (and I’m sure some other people as well) spent some pretty nervous moments.

So, at 4:30 Shawna and I were finally on the road. We spent the 6-hour drive listening to some CD’s that I had burned for us and discussing the outcome of The Bachelor…and, yes, we really could stretch out that particular conversation that long! Possibly, in an upcoming issue of this journal, I will include snippets of our thoughts. 🙂

We stayed with my Aunty Anna, and had a really nice talk before Shawna and I had to hit the sheets. One of the things mentioned during the conversation was that the plumbing in the downstairs bathroom was on the fritz. Well, we had to get up at 5:00 in the morning to make sure we got to Universal on time, and when we woke up, Shawna said she was going to take a shower downstairs because she didn’t want to wake up Aunty Anna by using the one upstairs. I said, “Isn’t the plumbing out down there?” and she replied, “No, I think that’s just the toilet.”

Well, a half an inch of water on the downstairs bathroom floor says it wasn’t just the toilet! And then poor Shawna had to go and wake up Aunty Anna anyway, which was what she was trying to avoid in the first place. Poor thing!

But the upside of the story is that, in addition to her mad skills as a florist, my Aunty Anna is also a closet chemist, and was able to concoct a mixture of household chemicals that was able to clear up the drain issue. All’s well that ends well!

Well, signing off for now, talk to everybody later,

Mel 🙂