Enjoy this little blast from the past News Report about people (GASP!) reading newspapers on computers 😀
I originally came across this video on Genuine Juice, and the blogger himself was actually interviewed for this news report as a kid, but ended up on the cutting room floor.

Here are a few notable things about this news report –

  • The report is given by the TV Station’s “Science Editor” because it deals with computers.  And, you know.  They’re Science-y.
  • The subject of the report dials the “local number” to connect his computer on his actual telephone! 😀  Hello, War Games!
  • David Cole of the San Francisco Examiner was half-prescient.  He predicted that newspapers on computers wouldn’t make a lot of money.  Heh. That’s true.  But he also said “We’re probably not going to lose money.”  Wow, David.  Inside 30 years this technology is going to decimate your entire industry.   SOMEONE’S FACE IS RED!
  • Only between 2,000 and 3,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area owned computers!
  • There is actually a title card that designates the subject as “Richard Halloran – Owns Home Computer”
  • The TEXT ONLY edition of the newspaper takes over TWO HOURS to download!!!  And service cost FIVE BUCKS AN HOUR!